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Based on our rich technical experience, we encourage our customers to give priority to the use of single board computers which are composed of 【carrier board】and 【computing module】. The carrier board integrates application related connectors and multimedia interfaces, such as USB, Ethernet, Audio, UART, CAN, HDMI, LCD, Touch, 4G, WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID, Camera, Speaker, etc. The carrier board is connected with the computing module through standard interface such as SODIMM, which provides a complete application platform. It can be customized rapidly according to different application scenarios, which not only reduces the development and maintenance costs, but also uses the stability and compatibility of the original core system, breaking the limitation that the CPU and I / O have been fixed in the past, and it is unable to quickly change the configuration of single board computer according to the application requirements.


In addition to choosing the right Computing Module to meet your technical and financial requirements, it's equally important to choose the right partner for your product's success. You should consider multiple factors, such as technical support, product availability, supply chain, and product maintenance when selecting partners. We are your trust worthy partner on ARM embedded design services and solutions.

Customized SBC】 is an off-the-shelf embedded platform that consists of a Computing Module (CM) and a carrier board. The platform can be scaled up to accommodate future requirements by switching to another pin-compatible CM based on latest processors. The platform is flexible as processor, memory, and I/Os can be selected based on the end-application's requirements. We offers ARM based Customized SBCs with various price, I/Os, processors, size and operating systems. You can choose any CM and a compatible carrier board, to create a SBC that is tuned to your needs. These platforms can be used for both engineering development and mass-production.


Whether you choose the off-shelf hardware or fully customized, we can help you!

  • ▶ Material selection

    ▶ Schematic design

    ▶ PCB  Layout

    ▶ EMI/EMC

    Hardware Customization
  • ▶ System porting

    ▶ Driver development

    ▶ File system & Kernel optimization

    ▶ Engineering test

    Software Customization
  • ▶ Material supply

    ▶ Cost optimization

    ▶ Quality control

    ▶ Test tooling






    Manufacturing services
  • ▶ Off-Shelf hardware

    ▶ Mechanical design

    ▶ Application development

    ▶ Upgrade & Maintenance






    Turn-key solutions