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[Download] NXP i.MX8 document and software


[Download] NXP i.MX8 document and software


The i.MX 8M Mini is NXP’s first embedded multicore applications processor built using advanced 14LPC FinFET process technology, providing more speed and improved power efficiency. With commercial and industrial level qualification and backed by NXP’s product longevity program, the i.MX 8M Mini family may be used in any general purpose industrial and IoT application. i.MX 8 applications processors are part of NXP's EdgeVerse™ edge computing platform.

The multi-core architecture of embedded processor is an ideal choice for many applications, including IOT gateway, digital signage, power monitoring, medical equipment, navigator, intelligent security, charging pile, smart home, industrial automatic control equipment, smart city, smart road pole, human-computer interaction equipment, logistics express cabinet, garbage sorting cabinet, environmental monitoring, avionics equipment, Edge computing, AI, instrumentation, entertainment system, POS machine, network storage, data acquisition instrument, public security, thin client device, robot, industrial routing, game console and other application fields.

GOEMBED CM8MM-N embedded computing module (also known as ARM core board) is an industrial quality product based on NXP i.MX8M Mini series processor, which is elaborately designed by the R & D team with 10+ years of product design and development experience, according to the core resources and application characteristics of NXP i.MX8M Mini series CPU, and has passed strict production test. According to the requirements of specific occasions in the application environment, users can choose the appropriate embedded ARM core module to build the software and hardware system platform conveniently and quickly, reduce the difficulty of development, shorten the product development cycle, and reduce the investment of R & D cost, so as to help customers realize the final application requirements simply and quickly.



All documtes and software of NXP i.MX8 CMs & SBCs download from Dropbox




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