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Published in 2014-10-05 11:00:38       

SBC3358 being applied in XY-Plotter successfully

SBC335x is compact, feature-rich of single board computer being developed based on CM335x core module. Fully software and pin compatible with different CM335x core modules. Integrated VGA, USB, Ethernet, RS232 and more common interfaces. Supported by Linux, WinCE, Android and other embedded OS.


This demo controls an XY Pen Plotter using a SBC3358 single board computer. In the demo, the SBC3358 with ARM? Cortex?-A8 core and Makeblock XY-Plotter 2.0, is stronger structure, super easy stepper motor driver and laser-head compatible. With the Processing and GRemote, You can draw amazing pictures with Gcode. The user interface is created using Qt, running on Linux, on the SBC3358.



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